Emailing Projects

  1. From the Silk Performer menu bar, choose File > Email Project . The Email Project dialog box opens.
  2. In the Email address field, specify the email address where your project is to be sent.
  3. In the Options area, check the Include results files of all tests check box to attach the results of all TryScript tests, baseline tests, and actual tests that belong to this project. If you uncheck this check box, only the results of the most recent TryScript test are sent.
  4. Check the Protect archive file with password check box to protect the contents of the email with a password. This feature is useful when your project contains confidential data, such as user names and passwords for an application under test. If you check this check box, type a password and confirm it.
    Note: Inform the recipient of the password in a phone call or separate email.
  5. Check the Include a system diagnostic report check box to attach a system diagnostic report. This report includes the following information:
    • Computer processors
    • OS name and version
    • Information regarding the drives, memory, services, and drivers
    • Relevant information from the Windows registry
  6. Click OK. Silk Performer emails the project, using a status bar to display the progress of packing all relevant files into a ZIP archive.