CORBA-Specific Measures

The IIOP measure group contains the measure types related to IIOP operations that are called within a load-testing script. It provides response time and throughput ratings for the IIOP operation calls issued by the API function IiopRequest. With the IiopObjectSetMeasures function you can specify a prefix to the name of the measure groups associated with the operations of a certain CORBA object. If you decide not to do so, the name of the operation is used as the name of the corresponding measure group. The following table describes the corresponding measure types:

Measure Description
Round trip time The time measured, in seconds, from when the processing of the IiopRequest function call begins to when the processing of the reply of the CORBA object ends.
Server busy time Measure, in seconds, that starts after a user has sent the last byte of the CORBA operation call and ends when the user retrieves the first byte of the response.
Note: Depending on the content of the application and the request, server busy time might begin before the last byte is sent and continue after the user has received the first byte. Therefore, server busy time is, in many cases, only an approximation.

For non-blocking IIOP requests, these measures are performed in the same way. This approach can lead to a situation where the sum of all your measured times exceeds the total time of your load test.

If a CORBA object decides to redirect a request, the IiopRequest function has to reissue this request to a different location. The result is two request-reply message pairs, where both are measured separately. As in the case of the measure times for the IiopRequest function, the sum of both (separately measured) request-reply pairs is supplied.