Configuring Load Test Monitoring

To use real-time client-side measures, such as in built-in charts and monitor reports, add a connection entry for the client-side data source.

  1. On the Real-Time Monitoring tab, in the Monitor group, click Load Test.
  2. In the Hostname field, specify the host name of the load test controller.
  3. In the Alias field, specify the alias for the controller that provides the client-side measures. The alias will display in the Client-Side Measures tree.
  4. Click Finish.
The host appears in the tree. The client-side measures that are available on this data source are listed in folders in the tree.
Note: Check the Enable real-time measures check box in the Workload Configuration dialog, which instructs the runtime system to supply host measures. A green icon on in the Client-Side Measures tree indicates a successful connection to the data source. A red icon indicates that the data source is not connected.