Enabling TrueLog Via Silk Performer

TrueLog Explorer relies on Silk Performer for the writing of TrueLog and TrueLog On Error files. With Try Script runs, which are the most common scenario for use of TrueLog files, TrueLog files are automatically enabled. No configuration is necessary.

Because normal TrueLog generation can produce large amounts of data and degrade performance, consider TrueLog On Error, which only records TrueLog information when transactions fail.

The following table identifies the options for enabling TrueLog and TrueLog On Error:
Options Steps
Silk Performer Results toolbar Click Generate TrueLog Files on the Silk Performer Results toolbar to record all TrueLog activity, or click Generate TrueLog On Error Files to generate TrueLog only when failed transactions occur.
Silk Performer menu Choose Settings > Active Profile > Results > TrueLog .

Check the TrueLog files (.xlg) check box to record all activity, or check the TrueLog On Error files (.xlg) check box to generate TrueLog only when failed transactions occur.

Click OK.

Silk Performer’s Workload Configuration page To enable TrueLog On Error for your tests, check the check box in the Settings section on Silk Performer’s Workload Configuration page.