Trying Out a Test Script On Agents

You must record or manually create a test script before you can try out your script on various agents.
  1. Click the Try Agents button on the Silk Performer Workflow bar. The Workflow - Try Agents dialog box appears.
  2. Select one or more user types from the list User Types to execute. Each user type will be executed on each selected agent. For example: If you select two user types and three agents, Silk Performer will start six test runs in total.
  3. Select one or more agents from the list Agents.
    Note: You can select local agents and cloud agents, or more specifically: cloud regions. If you select a cloud region, all cloud agents from the respective region will be tested. It is not possible to test individual cloud agents. You can start cloud agents in the Cloud Agent Manager. Note that it can take some time until the cloud agents are ready to execute tests. A note beside the cloud regions tells you how many cloud agents are reachable and ready for a test execution. For example: 2/4 Agents ready means that 4 agents were started in the Cloud Agent Manager and 2 of these are ready for execution.
  4. Optional: Click Enable think times if you want to consider the think times in your script during the run. This option is disabled by default.
    Note: Usually, a Try Agent run is used to verify that a test script works correctly on various agents. For such a functional test, think times can be neglected, since they are a means to create a more realistic user behaviour and therefor a more realistic load. However, load issues can be neglected in a functional test.
  5. Click Run to try out the script on the specified agents.
  6. If you have selected cloud regions to be tested, the Review Estimated Micro Focus Credits Consumption dialog box displays. It gives you an estimation of how many Micro Focus Credits the runs will consume. Click Accept and Run.
The Monitor window opens, giving you detailed information about the progress of the Try Agents run. Once all runs are finished, the Try Agents Summary displays.