OraFormsLovOpen Function


OraFormsLovOpen opens a List Of Values dialog for a text control that has a LOV assigned to it. The function also returns the initial number of items in the LOV when the LOV dialog is opened with the default search string.

Include file



OraFormsLovOpen( in sName          : string,  
                 out nItemsFetched :  number, 
                 in nFetchFlag     :  number optional ) :  boolean;

Return value

  • true if successful
  • false otherwise
Parameter Description
sName Unique name of the control where the List Of Values dialog should be opened.
nItemsFetched Number of items that are returned by the default query string of the LOV Dialog.

(otional) Can be:

  • ORA_LOV_FETCHALL: Immediately retrieve all items for the LOV box.
  • ORA_LOV_FETCHLATER: Retrieve the items for the LOV box later with OraFormsLovGetItems.


transaction TMain 
    sValue :  string; 
    nFetched :  number; 
    // Connect - with connection properties 
    OraFormsSetInt( "INITIAL_VERSION", 608); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_RESOLUTION", 96,  96); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_DISP_SIZE", 1024,  768); 
    OraFormsSetInt( "INITIAL_COLOR_DEPTH", 256); 
    OraFormsSetString( "FONT_NAME" , "Dialog" ); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_SCALE_INFO", 8,  18); 
    OraFormsSetBoolean( "WINSYS_REQUIREDVA_LIST",  false); 
    OraFormsConnect( "server module=Person3.fmx userid= useSDI=yes record=names"); 
    // New window activated: Logon 
    OraFormsSetWindow( "Logon"); 
    OraFormsLogon( "user",  "password",  "orcl_server"); 
    // --- 
    // New window activated: WINDOW1 
    OraFormsSetWindow( "WINDOW1"); 
    OraFormsMenuItem( "FENSTER1",  "Edit::Display List..."); 

    OraFormsSetWindow( "lovjob"); 
    OraFormsLovOpen( "lovjob", nFetched); 
    OraFormsLovFind( "lovjob",  "%S%"); 
    OraFormsLovSelect( "lovjob",  "SUPER-MAN"); 
    // --- 
    // New window activated: WINDOW1 
    OraFormsSetWindow( "WINDOW1"); 
    OraFormsMenuItem( "WINDOW1",  "Action::Exit"); 
  end  TMain;