Generating a Text-Synchronization Function

TrueLog Explorer offers the CitrixWaitForText synchronization function that pauses script execution until specified text or a text pattern appears at a specified screen position. This feature can be used to synchronize screens and user input. For example, you might want a script to pause execution until a specified dialog text says "ready" instead of "processing" before pressing OK. Such an action is difficult to synchronize when you are not sure of processing duration. The scripting of this function would read CitrixWaitForText(... "ready", ...), preceding a CitrixMouseClick(...) function.

  1. Using Silk Performer, record a Citrix session.
  2. Run a Try Script run with the Animated Run with TrueLog Explorer check box selected on the Try Script dialog box. TrueLog Explorer launches.
  3. When the Try Script run is complete, select the API node that includes the bitmap screengrab of the screen on which you want to wait for a specific text string.
  4. Click and drag your cursor onscreen to select the screen region that includes the text you want to synchronize.
  5. Right-click in the selected area and choose Synchronize Text.
  6. The Insert Text Synchronization Function dialog box opens. Enter a constant value for which the script should wait, or select a parameter value. Click OK to insert the function into your script.