Convenience Functionality in BDL

Silk Performer 21.0 adds a number of convenience features through the BDL API:

ToUnicode() and FromUnicode() BDL functions

The new ToUnicode() BDL function lets you convert ANSI string representation into a unicode escape sequence of type \uxxxx. The FromUnicode() BDL function allows you to convert all unicode escape sequences of type \uxxxx from string into the corresponding characters.

HashSHA2() function

The new BDL function HashSHA2() calculates an SHA2 hash value of an input string. The required SHA2 hash length can be passed as a function argument.

WebFtpGetFileSize() and WebFtpGetFileTime() functions

WebFtpGetFileSize() retrieves the file size of a remote file through FTP. WebFtpGetFileTime() retrieves the file date and time properties of a remote file respectively.

Print Function() prints to the Output pane

The API function Print Function() prints additional information to the output that displays on the Virtual User tab in the Output pane. Additionally, the data passed to all Print* functions is now written to the log file.