Checking Out and Editing Downloaded Projects

After you download a Silk Central project from Silk Central, the project appears in Silk Performer, where you can edit it before uploading it back into Silk Central source control.

If you have configured source-control integration for your Silk Central installation, Silk Performer automatically checks the Silk Performer project file out of the source-control database.
Note: In the Silk Performer menu tree, red check marks identify Silk Performer projects that have been checked out by way of Silk Central source-control integration.
This integration is facilitated by Silk Performer by using Web Services to connect to Silk Central and request source-control link information, such as the connection string, user name, and LTP project file name.
Note: If Silk Central is using StarTeam for source-control integration, you need to install StarTeam Microsoft SCC Integration on your computer.
  1. After you complete and save the required changes to the Silk Performer project file, choose File > Close Project . Alternatively, you can right-click the Project menu tree and choose Check In (and Close Project). A Message dialog box opens.
  2. Click Yes to confirm that you want to check the edited files back into the source-control database. All subsequent executions of this project through Silk Central use the updated project file.