Verification Under Load

Silk Performer provides full visual verification under load capabilities for Web applications. It allows you to combine extensive content verification checks with full error drill down analysis during a load test. Silk Performer verification checks can be done from all virtual users without major performance loss.

Silk Performer's innovative TrueLog technology makes it possible to collect details regarding the errors of all virtual users that take part in a load test. Traditional probing clients, separated from the load testing tool, are only able to detect content verification errors that occur for users that actually perform verifications. Since a functional testing tool is only able to drive a limited number of concurrent users, the functional test covers only a very small subset of all users that visit your Web application. Such a probing client cannot detect verification errors that occur to users that are not contained within this small subset. Silk Performer has redefined the type of testing that can be done with load testing tools.

With Silk Performer TrueLog technology, you can find errors that usually occur to only a subset of users when your application is under a heavy load. For most applications, this is the type of load that will most likely be experienced once the application is deployed in the real world. Typical errors include incorrect text on a Web page, incorrectly computed and displayed values, or application-related messages, such as Servlet Error or Server Too Busy errors. These are not system-level errors and are displayed on Web pages with HTTP 200 status codes.

TrueLog Explorer provides a view into Silk Performer verification-under-load capabilities with the following features:
  • Visual content verification allows you to visually define the content that is to be verified.
  • TrueLog On Error generation and TrueLog On Error analysis allow you to visually analyze errors to identify their root causes.