Viewing Errors in TrueLog Explorer

Before you begin, set up the option to generate TrueLog on Error files and run a test that generates errors.

As a foundation for full visual root cause analysis, Silk Performer can save the complete history of errors within a TrueLog. TrueLog On Error can even be generated in large-scale load tests. TrueLog On Error helps you uncover the true source of your application's error output under all possible load conditions.

  1. When an error occurs during a load test, you can view the visual content of the TrueLog by clicking the Explore Results button on the workflow bar. The Workflow - Explore Results dialog opens.
  2. Click the Silk TrueLog Explorer link. TrueLog Explorer opens with the Step Through TrueLog dialog box active. Select Errors.
  3. Navigate from one occurrence of an error to the next.
    Tip: To display the history of an error, click through the preceding API nodes in the menu tree.