Testing Web Services and .NET Remoting Objects with .NET Framework

With the .NET Framework and Silk Performer's Visual Studio .NET Add-On, you can easily test Web services and .NET Remoting objects.

The Framework offers the following options for testing Web services/.NET Remoting objects:
  • Writing your test code in Microsoft Visual Studio using a popular .NET Language (C# or VB.NET)
  • Making use of Microsoft Visual Studio's Web Service Client Proxy Generation Wizard
  • Coding your Web service calls in your .NET test driver
  • Running a load test using your .NET test driver
  • HTTP traffic that is generated by .NET to call Web service/.NET Remoting methods is redirected over the Silk Performer Web engine, enabling the advantages of Silk Performer's Web engine (modem simulation, IP-address multiplexing, etc.).
  • Exploring HTTP traffic (SOAP, XML, and binary) with TrueLog Explorer