Viewing a Virtual User Summary Report

Virtual user summary reports are summary reports of individual Try Script runs that offer basic descriptions and timing averages. Each report tracks a single virtual user. Data is presented in tabular format.
Note: Because virtual user summary reports require significant processing, they are not generated by default.

To enable the automatic display of virtual user reports at the end of animated Try Script runs, or when clicking the root node of a TrueLog file in the menu tree, check the Display virtual user report check box at Settings > Options > Workspace > Reports .

Virtual user summary reports include details related to:
  • Virtual users
  • Uncovered errors
  • Response time information tracked for each transaction defined in a test script
  • Page timer measurements for each downloaded Web page
  • Measurements related to each Web form declared in a test script, including response time measurements and throughput rates for form submissions using POST, GET, and HEAD methods.
  • Individual timers and counters used in scripts (Measure functions)
  • Information covering IIOP, Web forms, TUXEDO, SAP, and others