Adding IP Addresses in the System Configuration Wizard

  1. Disable DHCP and add gateway and DNS addresses.
  2. Select Tools > System Configuration Manager.
  3. Connect to the machine to which you want to add new IP addresses: Click Connect to, select a machine and click Connect.
    Note: By default, you will be connected to the localhost. If you cannot connect to a particular host, make sure that the Silk Launcher Service is running on that host.
  4. Click the IP Address Manager tab and select the network adapter to which you want to add new IP addresses and click Add.
  5. Specify the IP addresses you want to add.
    • Number: The number of sequential IP addresses to be added subsequent to the one specified in the From IP address field.
    • To IP address: Any number of IP addresses will be added until this IP is matched. Addresses must be sequential and can either increase or decrease.
    Note: If you use the From IP address and the To IP address fields, make sure that the To IP address value is higher than the From IP address value. For example: From:, To:
  6. Reboot the machine.
  7. To verify that the IP addresses you added are valid, either:
    • Call ipconfig.exe (within the shell) to verify that all IP addresses are configured properly.
    • Launch the System Configuration Manager to test that the IP addresses were added correctly.
    Note: By clicking the Check button with the Host name or IP address field blank, the System configuration Manger checks that all added IP addresses are working correctly. If you enter a particular IP address into the Host name or IP address field, only that address will be checked.
During replay you can use a third-party tool to examine the bindings to the local virtual IP address. TCPView can be downloaded from