Displaying Measure Bounds

Before you start a load test, you must define a lower and upper bound within the Automatic Threshold Generation dialog or directly within the script. The values of the bounds display in the Overview Report.

To display measure bounds in a chart:
  1. Create or open a chart.
  2. Drag measures that have defined bounds onto the chart.
  3. Click a measure in the measure list to active it.
  4. On the Series tab, in the Display group, enable Measure Bounds.
The chart shows a red and a yellow colored area. The red colored area is the area above the upper bound. The yellow colored area is the area between the upper bound and the lower bound.
Note: The colored areas only display if the measure exceeds the configured thresholds. Performance Explorer only shows graphical measure bounds for one measure at a time. When you display measure bounds, the scale of the chart may adjust automatically.
Performance Explorer shows graphical bounds for the Average, Maximum, and Minimum values of the following measures:
  • Page and Action Timer - Action Time
  • Page and Action Timer - Page Time
  • Timer - Response Time[s]
  • Transaction - Trans. (busy) Ok