Filtering Domains from Capture Files

While recording a user transaction, the Silk Performer Recorder might also capture third-party components that are embedded into a website, like social media or statistic plugins. To remove this unwanted traffic, open a capture file, apply the domain filter, and generate a new script. The script will just contain the desired code from the user transaction.
  1. In the Project tree, expand the Capture Files node and double-click a capture file.
  2. To include the traffic from one specific domain, click Include traffic from and select a domain from the list box.
  3. To include or exclude multiple domains, select one of the following options:
    • Click Include only traffic from domains selected below to preserve only the traffic from the below selected domains in the script.
    • Click Exclude traffic from domains selected below to leave out the traffic from the below selected domains in the script.
  4. Expand the list of domains and select all domains that shall be included or excluded.
    Tip: To quickly drill into the list, right-click the nodes and click Expand all or Collapse all.
  5. Click Generate Script.
The generated script will be modified as follows:
  • Calls to filtered domains will be removed from the script.
  • The BDL function WebSetDomainSuppress will be added to the script. Embedded objects are loaded automatically by page-level functions, even if they are not explicitly listed in the script. WebSetDomainSuppress avoids that.