Inserting Content-Verification Functions

  1. Open the TrueLog you want to analyze or modify.
  2. Select a TrueLog API node that includes content that you want to have verified (for example, text or an image).
  3. Select the content that is to be verified on the Source page.
    Note: This step is not required for page-title and page-digest verification functions.
  4. Click Add Verifications on the workflow bar. The Workflow - Add Verifications dialog box opens.
  5. Select a pre-enabled verification:
    • Verify the page title
    • Verify the selected text
    • Verify the selected text in an HTML table
    • Verify the digest
  6. Complete the following dialog box. Specify how verification functions should be inserted into the BDL script.
    Note: Left and right boundaries are automatically identified for you.
  7. Repeat the process for each verification you want to add to the BDL script.
  8. Click Yes on the Workflow - Add Verifications dialog box. A Try Script run is initiated.
  9. Confirm that verifications have passed successfully. API nodes that include verifications are indicated with blue ā€œVā€ symbols.

Inserting content verification function