Oracle Forms Memory Usage

Oracle Forms Replay Engine uses Silk Performer’s Java Framework to send/receive Oracle Forms messages. Therefore each virtual user container (PerfRun) requires additional memory, as the Java Runtime must be hosted once per runtime process – not once per user executed in the runtime.

The initial footprint of the Java Runtime Environment depends on the JDK that is used for replay. The JDK must be defined in the profile settings of the Oracle Forms project. On average, 10 MB’s is required to host a Java Runtime. Additionally, each virtual user requires memory for Oracle Forms processing. The amount of required memory varies based on the following variables:

Significant memory is required for a log level that is higher than “Error.” “Normal” and “Debug” log levels log all Oracle Forms messages in the replay log and in the TrueLog’s In/Out Body section. This log information is helpful for error analysis, but requires significant additional overhead (the amount of memory required varies based on the length of scripts and the number of controls).