Monitoring Server Performance Through SNMP

Performance Explorer offers you the possibility of selecting the object identifiers (OIDs) of management information bases (MIBs) from several sources for use as data sources for server monitoring. For example, database systems like Oracle offer extensive performance data for collection through an SNMP protocol.

  1. Click Monitor Server on the Performance Explorer workflow bar. The Data Source Wizard opens in the Select Data Sources dialog box.
  2. Click the Select from predefined Data Sources option button and click Next. The System Selection dialog box opens.
  3. In the System menu tree, expand the Custom Data folder.
  4. Select SNMP Data, then click Next. The Connection Parameters dialog box opens.
  5. In the Connection parameters area, specify connection parameters such as the host name or IP address of the appropriate server system, the port number, and other data required to connect to the data source. You must possess access rights to the specified server, and the SNMP service must be configured properly on the server system.
  6. Click Next. The Add SNMP Measures dialog box opens
  7. Select one of the precompiled MIBs delivered with Performance Explorer or click Compile New MIB to use an MIB that was shipped with the server system. To use the contents of an MIB with Silk Performer, the MIB must be compiled first. A number of common MIBs are delivered in a precompiled format. You can compile a new MIB if necessary. After you select a compiled MIB, its contents are displayed in a menu tree.
  8. Click the OID in w hich you are interested and click Get Value(s). Connection to the server is established, and the actual data item is shown.
  9. Click the corresponding data item and then click Add.
  10. Repeat the previous two steps until you select all the OIDs you want.
  11. Click Close. The Select Displayed Measures dialog box opens
  12. Select the factors to be monitored and click Finish. A Monitor graph displays the specified elements in a real-time, color-coded, display of server performance.