Integration Enhancements

Silk Performer 21.0 provides a number of integration enhancements like new project upload wizards, new command-line tools, third-party plugin support for GUI-less environments, and more.

Project upload to LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Cloud

You can now upload your Silk Performer projects to both LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Cloud using the wizards Silk Performer provides. Once LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Cloud provide support for the integration, you will be able you define and execute your Silk Performer workloads in the respective LoadRunner environment.

New command-line tools - PerfProj and PerfExec

Silk Performer provides the two new command-line tools PerfProj.exe and PerfExec.exe, which greatly simplifies the modification and execution of your Silk Performer projects in CI environments. Among other settings you can specify the standard host, the port, agents, or result folder paths through command-line arguments. More information is available directly in the command-line through the argument /?.

Third-party plugin support for GUI-less environments

When running projects in GUI-less environments like Silk Central, LoadRunner Enterprise, LoadRunner Cloud, Jenkins, or the command-line, third-party plugins such as Dynatrace and InfluxDB are now available.

JUnit style result file

Silk Performer can now generate a JUnit style result file, which can be automatically interpreted in various CI tools. The result file displays any errors that might have occurred and shows warnings if performance levels were not met.

Jenkins plugin support for 64-bit Java

The Silk Performer Jenkins plugin now works with 64-bit Java installations.

Project upload to BMC Helix Monitor

Silk Performer now provides a wizard to upload projects to BMC Helix Monitor.