Setting Default Time Series Data Options

  1. Click the Performance Explorer Application Button (on the top left) and click Options.
  2. Click the Series tab.
  3. If you want to display null values by default, check the Display NULL values check box. On the Series tab, in the Display group, you can click Null Values to enable or disable null values separately for single measures. The check box in the Options dialog enables or disables null values for all measures.
  4. From the Show summary and counter values per list box, select the time unit for which you want time series data to be displayed.
    • Select Interval if you want to display data for the computation interval contained in the .tsd file.
    • Select Second to scale displayed data to one-second intervals.
    To change the default computation interval, use the Time Series tab of the Profile Settings – Results dialog.
  5. From the Default line width list, select a line width to use whenever you add a new measure to a chart.
  6. To display a chart marker for each measure value of each series, indicating the exact measure value, check the Show chart markers check box.
  7. In the Decimal digits field, type the number of digits to display in the chart markers. Use chart markers to display exact measure values for each measure within a chart.
  8. Click OK.