Comparing Record and Replay Truelogs

With Web application testing, TrueLog Explorer shows the actual Web pages that are received during tests. Live monitoring of downloaded data is available via TrueLog Explorer animated mode. Data is displayed as it is received during testing.

By comparing a TrueLog that has been generated during the script development process alongside the corresponding TrueLog was recorded originally, you can verify that the test script runs accurately.

  1. Click the Analyze Test button on the Workflow Bar. The Workflow - Analyze Test dialog box appears.
  2. Click Compare your test run.
  3. The corresponding recorded TrueLog opens in Compare view and the Step through TrueLog dialog box appears with the Browser Nodes option selected, allowing you to run a node-by-node comparison of the TrueLogs.
  4. Click the Find Next button to step through TrueLog result files one page at a time.
    Note: Windows displaying content presented during replay have green triangles in their upper left corners. Windows displaying content originally displayed during application recording have red triangles in their upper left corners.