Inserting an Oracle Forms Verification Function

Perform an Oracle Forms Try Script test run. Open the resulting TrueLog in TrueLog Explorer.

  1. With an Oracle Forms TrueLog open in TrueLog Explorer, select a TrueLog node that offers verifiable data.
  2. Right-click a verifiable value and choose Verify Value. The Add Forms Control Verifications dialog box opens.
  3. Click the Verify the Value link. The Insert Value Verification Function dialog box appears.
  4. Select one of the following values from the drop list:
    • is equal to
    • is different from
    • contains
    • does not contain
  5. Specify verification case sensitivity and white space details.
  6. Specify the severity that is to be raised if the verification returns a negative result.
  7. Specify if verification should be against a parameter.
  8. Click OK on the Insert Value Verification Function dialog box. The verification function is added to your test script.
  9. Click Yes on the Add Verifications dialog box to perform a Try Script run.
  10. Confirm that verifications have been passed successfully. API nodes that include verifications are indicated with blue ā€œVā€ symbols