Content Verification Functions for Oracle Forms

TrueLog Explorer offers pre-enabled verification functions for Oracle Forms applications. Simply right-click the objects that you want to have verified and choose a verification function. The specified verification function will be generated and inserted into your BDL script automatically.

TrueLog Explorer enables you to insert content-verification functions into test scripts to verify the accuracy of content that is returned by application servers during testing.

By comparing replay test runs with record test runs (a uniquely powerful approach to the challenge of testing end-user experience in client/server environments) TrueLog Explorer allows you to confirm visually whether or not embedded objects, text, graphics, table data, SQL responses and more are actually downloaded and displayed by clients while systems are under load. This allows you to detect a class of errors that other Web-traffic simulation tools are not able to detect: errors that occur only under load that are not detected with standard load test scripts.

Content verifications remain useful after system deployment as they can be employed in on-going performance management.