Configuring Java Profile Settings for the IBM JVM

  1. In the Silk Performer menu, click Settings > System .
  2. Click the Recorder icon. The Recording Profiles page opens.
  3. In the Application list, select the listed recording profile and click Edit. The Recording Profile dialog box opens.
  4. Click Java Settings and select the Manual option button.
  5. Click OK to close the Java Settings dialog box.
  6. Customize the startup script.
    1. Open the startup-script file, for example startMyApp.cmd, in an editor.
    2. Rename the startup-script file, for example to startMyAppForRecording.cmd.
    3. Insert a call to perfPrepareJavaRecording.cmd in the Silk Performer home directory. For example call C:\Program Files\Silk\Silk Performer 21.0\perfPrepareJavaRecording.cmd.
    4. In the startup-script file, replace java my.rmi.application <parameters> with java %PERFREC_OPTIONS% my.rmi.application <parameters>, where my.rmi.application is an example. Thus you add the command-line parameter %PERFREC_OPTIONS% to the java execution.