Setting General Logging Options

  1. In Silk Performer, expand the Profiles node in the Project tree.
  2. Right-click the profile that you want to configure and choose Edit Profile.
    Tip: Alternatively, you can choose Settings > Active Profile from the menu bar.

    The Profile - [<profile name>] dialog box opens, and the Replay category is displayed in the shortcut list on the left.

  3. In the shortcut list, click the Results icon.
  4. Click the Logging tab.
  5. Check the Log all check box to include all available types of information in the generated log files. These files contain information about timers, transactions performed by the virtual user, and function calls invoked by the transactions. Keep in mind that creating log files can alter time measures.
  6. Use the General area to specify which types of data should be included in log files.
    • Check the Transactions check box to include an overview of the transactions the virtual user performs during the simulation.
    • Check the Timers check box to include custom timer information.
    • Check the API calls check box to include an overview of the Silk Performer API calls that the user performs during the simulation.
    • Check the Informational check box to include additional information, for example, connection information.
    • Check the Data check box to include the data that is exchanged with the server.
    • Check the Nonprintable characters check box to include nonprintable characters, represented as dots.
  7. Click OK to save your settings.