Finding Baselines

A baseline serves as a reference level for subsequent load tests. Silk Performer uses the results of a baseline test to calculate the number of concurrent users per user type. Additionally, you can set response time thresholds based on the results of a baseline.

At first, you need to run a baseline test. After a baseline test run is finished, you can view all measurements and details of the run on the Baseline Test Summary page and in the baseline report. If you are happy with the results, you can set the baseline test as your new baseline. You can view the results and values of your baseline at any time by clicking View Baseline on the workflow bar. This opens the Baseline Summary page.

Note: To work with baselines, you must enable the full workflow bar.
Note: By default, Silk Performer displays the simple workflow bar. To switch between the workflow bar types, right-click on the workflow bar and click Show Simple Workflow Bar, Show Full Workflow Bar, or Show Monitoring Workflow Bar.