Installing ShopIt V 6.0

The Silk Performer sample web application is ShopIt V 6.0. ShopIt V 6.0 simulates a simple e-commerce website with a catalog of camping merchandise that is available for simulated online purchase. Use this application to experiment with Silk Performer's web application capabilities. ShopIt V 6.0 is designed to generate errors, including missing links (due to merchandise being out of stock) and session errors.

Before you install ShopIt V 6.0, refer to the Release Notes to ensure that your system supports the use of ShopIt V 6.0.

You can download the ShopIt V 6.0 setup from the product updates site.

  1. Double-click the file ShopItV60.exe
    Note: IIS (Internet Information Server) must be installed on the computer. For IIS 7, also install Role Services ASP and ISAPI Extensions.
  2. The Welcome page displays. Click Next.
  3. The Choose Destination Location page displays. To change the default installation directory, click Browse, specify a folder, and click OK. Click Next.
  4. Enter the name of the virtual directory for the web application. This is the name of the directory that will be created on the web server. Click Next.
  5. Setup installs the files and configures IIS to run the ShopIt V 6.0 web application.
  6. The Installation Complete dialog displays. Click Finish.
  7. For IIS 7: Add the virtual directory to IIS manually.
    • Alias: ShopItV60
    • Physical path: Install directory of ShopIt.
    Note: Make sure that ASP is available in IIS.
The ShopIt V 6.0 web application is now ready for use. You can access ShopIt V 6.0 with a browser of your choice by entering the following URL:
http://<computer name>/<virtual directory name>/

If the name of your computer is JohnSmith and you have not modified the default value ShopItV60 for the virtual directory, the URL is: