Parsing Functions for Terminal-Emulation Applications

A parsing function can be inserted for any screen text, field, or status in a terminal-emulation TrueLog. Value parsing can be useful for enabling replay when session-specific strings must be parameterized to enable accurate replay (for example, you might parse newly created customer IDs into parameters that are inserted into the customer ID fields of invoices).

Content Parsing vs. Field Parsing

Content parsing functions enable you to select and set up parsing for onscreen text strings in Host Screen view, regardless of their placement on screen. Field parsing functions enable you to set up parsing for pre-defined regions (fields) within a terminal view. An application may define an entire screen as a single field, or a page may be built of header fields, footer fields, or body fields. Fields are often used as input areas, but they do not necessarily need to accept input. Onscreen characters do not necessarily need to reside within fields.