Virtual Memory Size of a JVM

A Java Virtual Machine can be configured with minimum and maximum heap sizes. When the maximum heap size is reached, out of memory exceptions are thrown. During recording, a lot of memory is consumed. The amount varies based on the log level and the length of recorded transactions.

It is likely that you will run into a memory problem when using a default maximum heap size of only 16 MB. The Java runtime allows you to change the default values by defining two special runtime parameters:

  • -Xmsn for defining the minimum heap size (for example: -Xms10m)
  • -Xmxn for defining the maximum heap size (for example: -Xmx128m)

If you run into a memory problem during recording, please define the runtime parameter -Xmx with a high enough memory value in the runtime settings of your Oracle Forms applet viewer. In most cases, this can be set using the JInitiator configuration dialog.