Online Licensing

Besides on-premise licenses, you can also acquire online licenses. This means that you can purchase licenses with Micro Focus credits from your CloudBurst account.

For load test executions, you can either mix on-premise and online licenses, or you can instruct Silk Performer to use just on-premise or just online licenses. Click Settings > System in the menu, click the Licensing tab, and select your preferred setting in the Licensing options.

To determine how many on-premise licenses you have, click Help in the menu and click About Silk Performer. If, for example, you have 50 Virtual Users (Web) on-premise licenses available but you need 60 VUsers for a planned load test, you can quickly fill up the gap of 10 VUsers with online licenses.

Online licensing can be especially useful if you need additional VUsers on short notice, or you unexpectedly require more VUsers for just a few load tests, or you require an unusually large amount of VUsers for a limited period of time. Online licensing allows you to easily and quickly increase your amount of VUsers.

Online licenses are valid for 24 hours. The time span starts when the licenses are first used. For more information around fees for online licenses, see the section Virtual User License Fees in the topic CloudBurst Load Test Fees.