Dynatrace SaaS and Managed Plug-In

The Dynatrace SaaS/Managed plug-in is installed with Silk Performer and disabled by default. If enabled, the plug-in modifies profile settings so that the runtime sends an additional HTTP header with each page request. Besides, the plug-in can
  • configure request attributes in Dynatrace to extract the load test specific information contained in this additional header, making it available for analysis in Dynatrace.
  • inform Dynatrace about virtual user errors through the plug-in.
  • add an annotation containing general load test information.
  • configure request naming rules in Dynatrace based on the timer name parameters passed to Web* and Browser* API calls.
Note: The additional HTTP header is only added during protocol-level testing and browser-driven testing using Internet Explorer.
To configure the plugin:
  1. In the Silk Performer menu, click Settings > System.
  2. Click Dynatrace SaaS/Managed.
  3. Check Enable plug-in.
  4. Click the Attributes tab and configure Name/Value pairs as desired.
    1. Set the base URL to your Dynatrace environment.
    2. Generate an authentication token with the required permissions in Dynatrace and specify it in the plug-in attributes.
    3. Tag relevant components of your system under test in Dynatrace and specify the used tag as application tag in the plug-in attributes.
    Additionally, you can choose which configurations the plug-in should do for you and which tags to send in the additional HTTP header.