Setting Advanced Java Options

  1. In Silk Performer, expand the Profiles node in the Project tree.
  2. Right-click the profile that you want to configure and choose Edit Profile.
    Tip: Alternatively, you can choose Settings > Active Profile from the menu bar.

    The Profile - [<profile name>] dialog box opens, and the Replay category is displayed in the shortcut list on the left.

  3. In the shortcut list, click the Java icon.
  4. Click the Advanced tab. Use the Advanced area to set advanced options for the Java Virtual Machine.
  5. In the Command line options text box, type any command-line options to pass to the Java Virtual Machine.
  6. Check the Disable JIT compiler check box to disable the Just In Time (JIT) compiler of the Java Virtual Machine.
  7. In the JVM dll text box, type the name of any Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that implements the Java Virtual Machine that is to be used. If necessary, click (...) to navigate to and select the Dynamic Link Library to use.
  8. Click Check JVM to verify your Java Virtual Machine configuration settings.
  9. Click OK.