Executing an Animated Run

To execute an animated run:

  1. Click Run Test on the Workflow bar. The Animated Run dialog box displays.
  2. Alternative: Click Run > Animated Run.
  3. Check the check boxes that correspond to the test cases that are to be executed during the test run:
    • InitTestCase
    • TestCase
    • EndTestCase
    The default selections vary based on your option settings.
    Note: When test cases depend on each other for accessing global objects, ensure that you do not exclude test cases that define objects that are used by other test cases.
  4. Check the Do verifications check box to specify that verifications that are defined for output parameters should be performed.
  5. Click OK to begin the animated run.

    If you have specified a different calling count for your test cases than 1, the test cases are executed the number of times defined in this property.

    If the number of method calls reporting an error exceeds the number of allowed errors defined in the test case properties, the test case is aborted.

    Note: Animated runs can be aborted manually by either hitting Esc on your keyboard or by selecting Stop Run from the Run menu. Animated runs are aborted automatically when a verification with severity Error, the simulation is aborted fails.
    All global variables are initialized to their initial values. All random variables are reset.