Monitoring Oracle Forms

Note: In addition to default measures for the application server, Performance Explorer offers a BDL monitor that allows querying of performance data from the Oracle Forms Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS). Please review Oracle Technology Network instructions ( for setting up DMS on your Oracle Application Server.
  1. On the Real-Time Monitoring tab, in the Monitor group, click System. The Data Source wizard opens.
  2. Click the Select from predefined Data Sources option button.
  3. Click Next. The System selection page opens.

    Optional: To monitor the application server you can use measures that are provided by the platform upon which the application server runs. Choose from predefined sets or use PERFMON, SNMP or REXEC and manually define the measures that are of interest to you.

  4. Expand the Application Server folder and the Oracle folder.
  5. Select Oracle Forms AS and click Next. The Connection parameters page opens.
  6. In the Hostname text box, specify the host on which the Oracle application server is running. You may optionally add an Alias name for the application server.
  7. Click Next. The Attributes Configuration page opens.
  8. Specify the following settings:
    • URL of the DMS-Site. The standard format is http://server:port/dms0
    • Proxy (if you need to connect using an HTTP proxy)
    • Proxy-Port of the HTTP proxy
    • Username (if you need to authenticate against the Web server to access the DMS site)
    • Password for accessing the DMS site
    This monitor provides interesting measures that are provided by the DMS including:
    • Common Apache measures
    • Module information for HTTP, OC4J, and PLSQL
    • Database connection statistics
  9. Click OK. The Select displayed measures page opens.
  10. Check the check boxes for those measures that you want to include in the initial monitor view and then click Finish.
A connection to the specified host is established, and an initial view that contains the measures you selected is displayed.