Oracle Forms Performance Monitoring

Use Performance Explorer to retrieve performance metrics from Oracle Forms Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS). Performance Explorer can monitor the DMS performance Web page that is provided through the Oracle Forms HTTP server when the DMS module is installed.

Web page requests and the parsing of performance metrics are achieved by driving a Silk Performer project through Performance Explorer. This approach allows you to keep track of application server performance in real time.

The Silk Performer project is located in a SilkEssential package named OraFormsDMS.sep, which is located at C:\Program Files\Silk\Silk Performer 21.0\Monitors.

The Oracle Forms application architecture includes three tiers:
  • Oracle database
  • Oracle application server
  • Client applet

Performance Explorer should be used to gather server-side measures from the database and application servers.

To monitor the database server a set of predefined Oracle database measures is available.