Eclipse Plug-In

Silk Performer is packaged with a plug-in for Eclipse, the popular Java IDE that is based on plug-in technology. The plug-in enables Eclipse users to be supported with Silk Performer load testing features.

The structure of the Silk Performer test class supports Java developers in creating test cases for Silk Performer. The test class implements the ITestClass interface that is packaged with the Eclipse plug-in. It contains a Silk Performer object that represents the interface to Silk Performer’s Java Framework.

The test class includes two basic methods:

Between testInit and testEnd there may be one or more test methods invoked by a running load test. Each method that has a signature void testXY() throws Silk Performer Exception.


public void testMyMethod() throws

Using the JavaSetOption BDL Function

For debugging Java framework projects, some debug parameters must be set as command line arguments. This is done by the Eclipse plug-in automatically when you run a Try Script.

In most cases, running and debugging Try Script tests without modifications is possible. However, when you override the default value of a JVM option in a BDL script using JavaSetOption, additional configuration is required to enable debugging in Eclipse.

You must also define an Eclipse debug Remote Java application configuration. After these options are set, you can then launch a Try Script run. Afterwards, you must start the Eclipse debug configuration to start a debugging session.