XmlGetItem Function


XmlGetItem returns a node from the nodelist. The nodes are identified by their index in the list beginning with 0 for the first. Use XmlGetCount to determine the number of nodes in the nodelist. You can iterate through the nodes in the nodelist by accessing the nodes from index 0 to XmlGetCount - 1.

If you want to access a specific child node, you can also call XmlGetChildByIndex to get a direct reference to a child node.

Include file



XmlGetItem( in hNodeList  : number,
            in nIndex     : number ): number;

Return value

  • handle to the node
  • 0 if failed/wrong index
Parameter Description
hNodeList A valid node list
nIndex Index of the node that should be returned. Index for first element is 0.


  transaction TMain
   hDocument, hResult : number;
    hOrderItems, hItem : number;
    hCount, itemIx     : number;
    sAttrValue         : string;
    hDocument   := XmlCreateDocumentFromFile("C:\\MyXMLDocuments\\Order.xml");
    hOrderItems := XmlSelectNodes(hDocument, "//OrderItem");
    hCount      := XmlGetCount(hOrderItems);

    for itemIx := 0 to hCount - 1 do
      hItem := XmlGetItem(hOrderItems, itemIx);
      XmlGetAttributeByName(hItem, "price", sAttrValue);
  end TMain;