OnWeb Mainframe-to-Web Testing Support

Silk Performer supports the testing of Micro Focus OnWeb Web-based applications that interact with mainframe systems. OnWeb Web-based applications can easily be tested using standard Silk Performer Web-application recording, scripting, and playback features. When creating a script to test an OnWeb application, choose Web business transaction (HTML/HTTP) as the application type to be recorded. Beyond that, the testing of Micro Focus OnWeb Web-based applications is identical to that of standard Web applications. Silk Performer automatically handles any dynamic values that need to be parameterized. Additionally, using .NET Explorer and Java Explorer, OnWeb Web services can be tested in the same way that standard SOAP Web services are tested.

About Micro Focus OnWeb

Micro Focus OnWeb offers a comprehensive development and deployment platform that transforms your host applications into Web applications. OnWeb aggregates and composes data from multiple screens across multiple host systems and presents them as Web pages.

OnWeb® and its wide array of application connectors can help you bring together both host systems and enterprise applications to create standards-based Web-enabled composite applications, leveraging your existing IT investment and helping you move towards a service-oriented architecture (SOA).