Validating Scripts with TrueLog Explorer

Run a script before performing this task.

  1. From the Silk Performer menu bar, select Results > Explore TrueLog .
    Note: Selecting the Animated Run with TrueLog Explorer check box before running a Try Script operation opens TrueLog Explorer automatically.
  2. Examine the Virtual User Summary report. A Virtual User Report is shown automatically when the first node of the menu tree at the left side of the window is checked. The report shows detailed information about the Try Script run in tabular form.
  3. Use the menu tree on the left of the window to expand and collapse folders as necessary to locate and view data downloaded during the test.
  4. To view a downloaded Web page, select its URL or link description in the menu tree.
  5. To locate replay errors, click the Analyze Test button on the workflow bar and select Find Errors. A new window appears that helps you navigate from one error to the next. HTML errors often occur one or two steps before they are apparent to end users. With TrueLog Explorer you can easily examine the Web pages that were displayed preceding errors.
  6. Compare a replay TrueLog with the TrueLog that was produced during recording of the application.