RndUniF Random Type (for wait statements)


Declares a random variable of type RndUniF. With each access, such a variable contains a value that is generated following a uniform distribution. The parameters of the RndUniF function specify the minimum value and the maximum value of the uniform distribution. Random variables of type RndUniF can be used solely in wait statements for generating random user times.


RndUniF( l..u ): float;

Return value


Parameter Description
l Lower boundary (float)

Upper boundary (float)

Condition: l <= u


  rEvent1, rEvent2 : RndBin(0.25);
  rTime1           : RndExpF(5.5);
  rTime2           : RndUniF(0.5..12.5);

  transaction t1
    if rEvent1 then ... end;
    wait rTime2;
    while not rEvent2 do ... end;
  end t1;

The example shows a random variable with uniform distribution (rTime2). The lower boundary of this random variable is 0.5 and the upper boundary is 12.5. In the interval 0.5 to 12.5 all floating-point values have the same probability. rTime2 is used in a wait statement of a transaction for simulating a random waiting period.

Sample scripts

RandomLogin.bdf, Measure01.bdf, Measure03.bdf, DBApi01.bdf