Starting the .NET Remoting Server

The .NET Remoting server hosts the ObjectManager object that is accessed by all client applications. The server is a simple console application that runs when you press any key. Some of the methods of the remoting objects print information to the console, such as which users have logged in or out, and who sent messages to whom.

Note: The server holds all the information about the users and messages in memory. So if you stop the server, the current state is lost. This means that each time you start the server you have an empty environment with no users or messages.
  1. Navigate to <public user documents>\Silk Performer 21.0\SampleApps\DOTNET\Message Sample\MessageServer.
  2. Double-click MessageServer.exe.

The message server console window displays. The console window logs information about the methods that are called during tests. Press any key to stop the server.