Specifying MBeans for Monitoring

Application configuration profiles are stored as XML files at C:\Program Files\Silk\Silk Performer 21.0\include\jmx-config\. Make any changes to the default configurations in the XML file directory, and create additional profiles in this directory as well. Newly created application configuration profiles are available for use as data sources.

  1. Open the JMX Data Source browser. The Type Tree page shows all the available categories of MBeans in a tree structure. The Type List tab, shows all available categories in a list format. All available MBeans of the selected category are visible in the Beans text box. Each MBean is identified by an object name, which consists of a domain name and one or more pairs of property types and values.
  2. Select an MBean of interest and expand the MBean node to view the available attributes.
  3. Optional: Click Numeric Attributes to filter non-numeric attributes.
    Non-numeric attributes are not supported for JMX monitoring.
  4. Optional: Right-click an attribute and choose Get Value to query the value of any attribute.
  5. Optional: Right-click an attribute that represents an object name and choose Follow Reference to navigate to the referenced MBean.

Add the appropriate attributes to the bean-attribute pool.