Error Analysis Graph

The Error Analysis graph contains the following information:
View Description
Error Groups The Error Groups pane displays group information for all the errors that occurred during the analyzed load test. Use the zoom and shift features to view information for specific time frames.
Error Details The Error Details pane list all occurrences of errors in the selected time span. Double-click an error or right-click an error and select Show TrueLog to invoke TrueLog Explorer with the respective TrueLog file that contains visualized information for the error occurrence to help you find the root cause of the selected error.
Legend The Legend pane lists the displayed curves of the chart, which by default is only the error summary of the error analysis. It also displays more detailed information about occurrences, minimum and maximum values, and so on. Hold your cursor over the graph to see the number of error occurrences for a specific time frame. The Value column updates as you move your cursor over the graph.