Compiling a New MIB

Vendors of hardware and software systems provide information about the nature of their systems by way or management information bases (MIBs). This information can be retrieved with the help of the SNMP protocol by specifying the appropriate object identifier (OID). MIB browsers assist you in selecting the appropriate OID stored in an MIB.

  1. In the Add SNMP Measure dialog box, click Compile New MIB for an MIB that has been shipped with the server system. The Compile New MIB dialog box opens.
  2. Browse for the MIB file you want to compile and click Open.
  3. Click Compile. If the compilation succeeds, a new name is added to the list of compiled MIBs.
  4. If the message Could not IMPORT from <name>-MIB appears, compile the MIB to which error message refers.
  5. Click Close. The new MIB can now be used to monitor server performance through SNMP.