IiopObjectCreate Function


Creates a handle to an CORBA object. In addition to the host, port and key of the object the function enables you to specify the CORBA interface and the IIOP version that is used to communicate with the object.

Include file



IiopObjectCreate( inout hIiop      : number,
                  in    sInterface : string,
                  in    sVersion   : string,
                  in    sHost      : string allownull,
                  in    nPort      : number,
                  in    sKey       : string,
                  in    nKeyLen    : number optional ): boolean;

Return value

  • true if successful

  • false otherwise

Parameter Description
hIiop Variable receiving the handle to the CORBA object.
sInterface Repository identification of the CORBA object interface.
sVersion IIOP version the application uses, currently “1.0”, “1.1” or “1.2”.
sHost Host name or IP address of the host where the CORBA object has been deployed.
nPort Port on which the CORBA object is listening for incoming connections.
sKey Key identifying the CORBA object.
nKeyLen Length of the key that identifies the CORBA object (optional).


  hIiop: number;

  transaction TMain
    IiopObjectCreate(hIiop, "IDL:Bank/AccountManager:1.0", "1.2",
      "MyComputer", 1234,
      "\h01504D43000000001C00000049444C3A" // ·PMC········IDL: 00000000
      "\h42616E6B2F4163636F756E744D616E61" // Bank/AccountMana 00000010
      "\h6765723A312E30000D00000042616E6B" // ger:1.0·····Bank 00000020
      "\h204D616E6167657200");             // Manager· 00000030
    IiopSetString(hIiop, "Johnny"); // name
    IiopRequest(hIiop, "open");
  end TMain;