Specifying the Recorder Method for Capturing Web and TCP/IP-Based Traffic

Before you can perform this task, you must add a recording profile.

  1. In the Silk Performer menu, click Settings > System .
  2. Click the Recorder icon. The Recording Profiles page opens.
  3. Select a recording profile.
  4. Click the Edit button. The Recording Profile dialog appears.
  5. In the Protocol selection area, select the Web option to have the Silk Performer Recorder hook into a Web application, intercept all function calls, and display results. The options available here vary based on the selected application type.
  6. Click the Web Settings button to open the Web Settings dialog, which enables you to select the method that the Recorder is to use to capture Web and TCP/IP-based traffic.
    • Select the WinSock option to have the Silk Performer Recorder hook into the WinSock function library of the client application, wrap all traffic the application produces in the SOCKS protocol, and redirect the traffic to a Recorder SOCKS proxy.
    • Select the Proxy option to have the Silk Performer Recorder redirect all traffic from the selected browser to the Recorder proxies.
  7. Click OK.
  8. You can also enable any available Java APIs by checking the corresponding check boxes in the field on the right of the dialog. The following Java APIs are available for selection:
    • Oracle Forms 6i on HTTP/HTTPS
    • Oracle Forms 6i on Socket
    • Oracle Forms 9i
    • Product Manager Sample Extensions
    • Borland Enterprise Server App. Client
    • Jacada
    • Java EJB (JBoss)
    • Java EJB (Other)
    • Java EJB (WebLogic)
    • Java EJB (WebSphere)
    • Java JNDI (Naming & Directory Interf.)
    • Java RMI (Custom Client-Server)
    • Jolt
    • Oracle Applications 11i
    • Oracle Applications 12i on Socket
    • Oracle Forms 10g
    • Oracle Forms 11g
    • Oracle Forms 12c
  9. When a Java API is enabled, click the Java Settings button to open a dialog that enables you to specify Java recording settings, such as the hooked Java Virtual Machine library or other settings.
    • Select the Java Virtual machine hooking option to automatically hook into the Java VM. If this option is enabled, select the dynamic link library from the JVM DLL list box that you want the Silk Performer Recorder to hook into for recording traffic.
    • Select the Network only option to only hook class and jar files that are downloaded via HTTP.
    • Select the Manual option if you have manually prepared a startup script for recording your Java application.
  10. Close all open dialogs by clicking the OK button to save your settings.