TrueLog Overview

Because Silk Performer links sessions with test scripts and captures all data sent between clients and servers, it is uniquely able to incorporate replay results into the customization and verification of scripts.

This TrueLog technology represents a tremendous advantage in error reproduction and root-cause analysis. TrueLogs are history files in which extensive detail regarding data and page requests and server responses are recorded during testing. For Web testing, this detail includes complete page contents. Such information is valuable for identifying the causes of system failures.

TrueLogs allow you to drill down through real content that is captured during error conditions in client-server and Web-based applications. For HTML applications, TrueLog Explorer allows for the analysis and manipulation of TrueLog files by way of an intuitive, rendered HTML interface that mirrors what virtual users see during testing, including session context.

Because TrueLogs are tightly coupled with sessions and test scripts, they enable script customization in real-time. When a script customization is made, its effects can instantly be checked using a trial script run, or Try Script run, by reviewing the TrueLog to determine whether the customization worked. If a customization does not work, a TrueLog shows you the system requests and responses in the session that led to the error. This process can be repeated until all customizations operate as intended.

TrueLog and TrueLog On Error files carry the file extension .xlg. XLZ files are zipped TrueLog files that are handled as unzipped TrueLog files within TrueLog Explorer. Zipped TrueLogs minimize download times. Silk Performer does not use zipped TrueLogs.