Creating HTML Overview Reports

Before you follow the steps below, configure a load test in Silk Performer and execute it. When your load test is completed, the Load Test Summary page displays. Perform one of the following steps:

  • Click Analyze load test in the Next Steps area.
  • Click Results on the bottom of the tree, expand a load test node, and double-click Overview Report.

Performance Explorer opens and the overview report displays.

To open an HTML overview report out of Performance Explorer, perform the following steps:

  1. Add load test results to the Performance Explorer workspace
  2. In the Reports tab, in the Overview Report group, click one of the following buttons:
    • Click HTML or HTML Overview Report to show the results in an HTML overview report.
    • Click HTML Overview Report from Template, select an .ovt file (overview report template) and click Create.
    • Click Custom HTML Overview Report, select the information that the HTML overview report shall contain, and click Create.
Note: You can enable Use template for all future reports to always create HTML overview reports based on a template. To disable this option, click the Performance Explorer application button (on the top left) and click Options. Click the Reporting tab and disable Use template (.ovt) when creating a new HTML Overview Report.
Note: By default, overview reports are generated automatically. To disable the automatic generation, click the Performance Explorer application button (on the top left), click Options, click the Reporting tab and disable Generate Overview Reports automatically.