RB\CharType Attribute

Value Description
Type Distinct Value Lists
Default (empty)
Description This attribute specifies a list of character types and is used to search for the end of each rule hit found using LB\Str, LB\RegExpr or LB\Offset. The ends of rule hits are defined by the first character that matches one of the character types specified below.
Allowed values are:
  • UpperCase: Uppercase characters
  • LowerCase: Lowercase characters
  • NewLine: Newline characters
  • Digit: Digits 0-9
  • HexDigit: Hexadecimal digits 0-9, a-z, A-Z
  • Letter: letters a-z, A-Z
  • White: Whitespaces
  • WhiteNoSpace: Whitespaces, excluding blank spaces
  • Printable: Printable characters
  • NonPrintable: Non-printable characters
  • EndOfString: End of Strings (single and double quote)
  • NonBase64: Characters not used in Base 64 encoding


  <CharType>EndOfString, White</CharType>